Mission Statement

The VA provides in, out, and emergency patient care, disability benefits, research, and housing benefits for over 4.6 million veterans. Yet, in the United States and its 4.6 million veterans, the VA holds a monopoly on veterans, and veteran problems are seen as just that, veteran problems. In response, many disabled veterans have sought and advocated alternative sources of healthcare and disability representation. However, despite amazing disabled veteran advocacy, there has never been an alternative to veteran research like VIRO.

VIRO provides a platform for veteran-centric, peer-reviewed research and improve veteran well-being by research-driven advocacy and talent development.

Vision statement

To advocate for and improve the well-being of veterans through veteran community-based research. 

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Our Founders

Nate Tilton

VIRO CO-Founder, Anthropologist, and
Disability Advocate

Mike Flores

VIRO CO-Founder, Journalist and Sociologist

Chun Yu (Chris) Wan

VIRO CO-Founder